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Bridesmaids Dresses
April 30, 2009, 9:58 am
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I’ve been searching for bridesmaids dresses for a while now.  I went back and forth between colors that I wanted, and I finally decided on grey.  Not boring grey though, they will all look gorgeous.  I’m planning to let all the girls pick their own dress.  There is nothing worse than wearing a dress that you don’t feel comfortable in AND having so many pictures taken. I want all my girls to feel and look their best.  The good thing about choosing grey is that it crosses seasons, so they won’t have to buy something right now.  The color will still be around in Summer, Fall, Winter.  Here are some that I like: 


top 2 rows from J Crew and the bottom from Amanda Archer at Etsy

And what about the MOH?



My sister is the matron of honor, and her favorite color is green, which is also a color in my wedding.  Then I started to think, why not let her wear a green dress if she wants to?  I’m being pretty lax with the whole bridesmaids dress thing, why not go one step further and let one of them wear an entirely different color?  Then I found a dress on J Crew, which has the most amazing color palette this year, that I like in green.  You may recognize this dress as one I liked in grey.  Yep, same dress.  Did your MOH wear a different color?


Something Borrowed
April 29, 2009, 9:29 pm
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Upon reading one of my daily wedding blogs, southern weddings, I came across the most beautiful jewelry ever:


I’m thinking this has to be so expensive, but let me just look at it.  Turns out, the jewelry is from this website called Avelle and you can BORROW stuff.  How perfect!  I seriously had no idea what I would do for my something borrowed, and now I potentially have it figured out.  Yay!!   As you might imagine, borrow is a euphemism for rent, but they were smart over at that website to say borrow instead.  Now people like me will go there to get stuff for their weddings.  Also, they have an entire category dedicated to items like the ones the characters from Sex and the City wore.  I’m sold.

Images from Avelle

Swine Flu
April 29, 2009, 11:29 am
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I know, I know, that is not wedding related, and you thought this was the one thing you could read today that didn’t talk about swine flu.  BUT my degree is in public health, I live in Texas, and I work for the health and human services commission, so I feel like I have to mention it.  What the hell?  Our country is going crazy with swine flu reports.  Yesterday at work the Texas State Troopers were guarding the vaccine (that they don’t even know prevents it).  Are people pillaging the labs to try to find flu vaccine??  I just heard that they are cancelling all high school sports in Texas until May 11th.  Time to order some masks….

Target, my weakness
April 29, 2009, 11:15 am
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Apparently Austin has become Seattle, and it is raining everyday.  So yesterday I went to Target to buy an umbrella.green-dot-umbrella_3003

Only I had no idea where the umbrellas were, and I can’t just walk through the doors of Target and not browse.  So I ended up with all of this:



As I was getting ready to check out without the umbrella, I asked myself, what did I come here for??  And only then did I remember.  Luckily the umbrellas were near the checkout so I just grabbed one.  My plan with the seeds is to give them to my nieces when I ask them to be my flower girls.  How fitting, right??  Sadly we don’t live in the same city anymore, so I’m still trying to decide if I want to mail them or wait until I see them next.  They have another flower girl gig at the end of May and then again in June.  I was lucky to get on their calendar; they are busy girls!  As for the dress, it was just so cute I had to get it.  I think I’ll wear it for my engagements.  My other outfit for my engagements (a suggestion from Amy who recently got married, congrats Amy!!)  is a pair of jeans, a white tank top and a yellow jacket.

April 28, 2009, 9:19 am
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Mantilla veil.  I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself though.  I don’t even know what my dress will look like and I’ve picked out the veil and shoes I want to wear.  This could be a problem.  Seriously though when I saw this veil my mouse clicking ceased.  And then I furiously read through the listing on etsy and knew that I needed a mantilla veil.  They originated in Spain (I’ve been to Spain) and they are gorgeous, this means I should get one.  Hopefully my dream dress will go with one of these, and if I could buy it on etsy for half the cost of the bridal stores, even better! 

from her

The Wedding Singer
April 27, 2009, 8:18 pm
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So Bobby and I are not really spotlight people.  In fact, I hate being the center of attention.  This means that my wedding day will be mildly stressful for me, but I’m managing my anxiety for now. I’m hoping that I will just be so happy to be married to Bobby that I won’t notice all the eyes on me, or if I do notice, I’ll be too elated to care.  Anyway, one way that we are keeping some of the eyes off of us is by sharing the spotlight.  Enter wedding singer…


 That’s right ladies (for those of you that know him) the King of Spain  will be singing at our wedding for our first dance!!   I am so excited!  Here is a photo of him giving our dog, Molly, a high five.  James is a good friend of mine from college.  We spent many nights hearing him sing songs like King of Spain, Oh Cecilia (changed to fit my name), and many others.  He also sang with the Boston Pops so that gives him some cred.  I don’t know yet what song he’ll sing, but I’m just so excited that he’ll be there.

The Knot and Engagements
April 27, 2009, 2:46 pm
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“Bobby” just emailed me to ask if we were registered on the knot.  This is the first time I have heard those words from him.  He has no idea what he just asked me.  So I ask what do you mean registered?  Like have I created an account to track our budget and timeline?  He says, “I don’t know, my mom just asked me.”  And then I try to respond and I’m not sure what she means either, like registered for gifts??  Or a website??  Hmmm…




As for other updates, I have no engagement pictures to share with you though we were supposed to take them yesterday.  So I decided to share some engagement picture inspiration I’ve found.  The weather here was so terrible and we even had some tornados.  Though WE didn’t have tornados, people to the north of us did.  So they are rescheduled for Thursday.   This will be our third attempt, hopefully it will work out.  We are going to start out on South Congress and see where we decide to go from there.  Our budding photog told us that the “magic hour” is between 5:30 and 7 pm so we are meeting at 5.  The one good thing is that I’ve been able to REALLY think about what I want to wear.

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