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Lovely Lanterns
April 16, 2009, 3:47 pm
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I thought that I outgrew paper lanterns, and that they would serve no purpose post college dorm decoration.   However, when I went to visit my reception site, I paged through some picture books they had and saw a photo of lanterns that inspired me…



Then I started searching the internet and came across several other lantern pictures that solidified my decision to include lanterns as a decorative element.  Now I need to find at least 10-15 cream lanterns to use for my wedding.  Can you be a power buyer on ebay because I’m starting to think a lot of my purchases will be from there.

So as I search through ebay I came across the craziest thing I have ever seen– hot air balloon lanterns.  Excuse me?  Yeah, it is some super invention in China.  These lanterns have a little rocket fuel to propel them into the air where they float for about 10 minutes and then fall.  I’m not sure America is ready for that.



And then I came across these glass lanterns from for $3.50 each from CB2.  So gorgeous!!


But I also love these as an idea to put next to the rows of chairs.



Are you incorporating lanterns into your wedding at all?


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I’m only coming to your wedding if you have the hot air balloon lanterns. Anything less would be sub-par.

Comment by Kim

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