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April 28, 2009, 9:19 am
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Mantilla veil.  I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself though.  I don’t even know what my dress will look like and I’ve picked out the veil and shoes I want to wear.  This could be a problem.  Seriously though when I saw this veil my mouse clicking ceased.  And then I furiously read through the listing on etsy and knew that I needed a mantilla veil.  They originated in Spain (I’ve been to Spain) and they are gorgeous, this means I should get one.  Hopefully my dream dress will go with one of these, and if I could buy it on etsy for half the cost of the bridal stores, even better! 

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I love, love this veil! I’ve seen them before and always love how they look.

Comment by Kim

I like this too…but it reminds me of the wedding in the Godfather with Michael Corleone and his wife. I think it’s in Godfather Part-II…very Italian, but yet from Spain.

Comment by Skye M

Very classy! Reminds me of my own veil a little bit except that it was longer. It’s in the genes!

Comment by Jackie Sears

[…] so I had to post it too.  My one concern about wearing on of these is that I really want to wear a mantilla veil as you may remember, is that going to be a lot going on?  I don’t plan to wear the veil the […]

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