happy go lucky wedding

May 3, 2009, 9:47 am
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Bobby and I are not very religious.  We don’t go to church every weekend, or really ever, but the officiant is still important to us.  Months ago, right before I got engaged, I was in Dallas to host my friend Amy’s bridal shower which we held at my sister’s house.  Following the shower and far too many champassions (champagne and passion fruit juice) my brother, sister, my friend Kim and I decided to go out.  This night my brother tells me that he wants to officiate my wedding, and that he already has the ceremony planned out in his head.  For those of you that don’t know my brother, he’s hilarious.  I mean, every time I hang out with him my stomach hurts from laughing so much.  He is the constant comic relief in my family and we all appreciate it greatly.  He says he’s already researched becoming ordained and it costs about $68.  With that small fee he will be able to officiate 5 weddings and 5 baptisms.   Both my sister and Kim think this is a great idea. Kim even said that at the risk of losing my friendship, she was going to say that my brother should do it.  Now I’m not really a sentimentalist but I don’t want the ceremony to be a totally mockery either.  Although my brother won’t try to do that by any means, the humor that he brings to the ceremony will leave people questioning whether or not we really got married.  Another issue is that my brother will be walking me down the aisle, how will he then change roles?  If he officiates, this could quite possibly have people saying that was the best, most hilarious ceremony they’ve been to. At the same time, he could give a hilarious speech at the rehearsal and we could still experience his humor.  I’m totally conflicted.  And also not entirely sure he’s being serioius.  You can never tell with him.


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