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Guestbook Ideas
May 5, 2009, 2:52 pm
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I’m not sure that I want to go the traditional route with the guest book, but I have not really decided what I want to do either.  Here are some things I’m considering for our guest book:

Using our engagement pictures as a photo book for guests to sign



I definitely like this idea, and it’s a high contender.  It’s a shame that people will only see one of our engagement pictures on the save the dates we send out.

Wedding bench to sign, just like Miss Apple Cider



I like that we would have something in our house that all our guests left a sweet note on.  But I definitely don’t know how to whittle a bench or do any sort of woodwork, and I don’t know that this will really go with the “theme” of our house, but definitely a cute idea. 

Genealogy tree book from Melangerie NYC



Everyone can write a little note, to be placed in a genealogy tree book  that we could frame later.  It shows how everyone at the wedding is connected to Mr. Fro Yo and me, and we also get a note from them.  Definitely a sweet idea, and one we can hang somewhere in our house to have always.

Manzanita guest tree




How could I not throw this in as one of the options considering my love (ok, mild obsession) with manzanita trees.  I even found a how to!  This is a VERY high contender.  AND if am unable to afford manzanita trees on every table, this will still allow me to have one that serves a very special purpose.  And really, how could you pass it up and not leave a note, it’s so gorgeous!  I would probably then take all the notes off and put them in a scrapbook for later.  I could still keep the tree somewhere in my house (maybe).


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I love the guest book with engagement photos (as you already know 🙂 I also love the manzanita tree-guest book idea. That would look really beautiful!!!

Comment by Amy

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