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My First Etsy Purchase
May 6, 2009, 8:41 am
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Yay!  I took the plunge and bought something from Etsy!  So far everything has been great.  Here’s how it all went down, I was stalking my blue shoes on Ebay, and counting down the minutes until the sale ended, but they went for $710, and that was WAY out of my budget.  However, I was feeling  the need to make some sort of purchase, albeit one with a much lower price tag.  I headed over to etsy to dig through the hundreds and hundreds of invitations they had and came across one I loved!  What’s funny is that the seller is actually in Texas too!  She’s a mom with an adorable daughter and she makes some extra money by creating and selling things on etsy (I learned all this from her blog; she and I didn’t have a heart to heart convo).  Anyway, her prices are so reasonable,  and she is willing to change any colors, fonts, etc to match your wedding.  So I purchased a sample invitation with the hopes of then purchasing the rest from her.  She said she would even make the sample with all my info so I could really see what it would look like.  Great!!  So, who you ask, is this great seller?  Well, I don’t know her name, but her store is everydaygrace and here are the lovely invites (they still need to be changed to match my colors):



Gorgeous, right?

 Images from Everyday Grace


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I love these invitations and I’m so glad that you found someone to give you a “real” sample!

Comment by Kim

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