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May 18, 2009, 9:03 pm
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So I think I want to wear a hair piece in my hair.  No, not extensions or anything like that.  I want to wear a flower of some sort.  It surprised me that I wanted to because I’m not really the type to wear anything like that in my hair.  But as I’ve searched for inspiration for the wedding I find myself drawn everytime I see a bride wearing one. Here are some that I really like:


These two are from 5eizen, who is an etsy seller. 
I have no idea where this is from.  Sorry.  But it’s cute, so I had to post it too.  My one concern about wearing on of these is that I really want to wear a mantilla veil as you may remember, is that going to be a lot going on?  I don’t plan to wear the veil the whole night though, so I feel like I can do both, right? 

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Yes. You can do both. Or, you could do the veil during the ceremony and switch to the flower for the reception. I also think that grey suits for the boys would be really nice and different. Would you consider having the girls wear green and the boys in grey?

Comment by Kim

I did think about the girls in green and the guys in grey, but green dresses are proving to be a lot harder to find that I thought, and there are so many shades of green, i worry about just being free and letting everyone pick whatever they want. With grey, I feel like it’s a lot easier to do that. Maybe I should ask the girls what they want, there’s a thought! Although, I’m pretty sure Erika will wear green.

Comment by kelso115

I agree with Kim. I think a veil for the ceremony and the flower for the reception would be perfect! Thus, you get both and who wouldn’t want to have it all, right?

Comment by Brandi

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