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The Dress!
June 9, 2009, 7:43 pm
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Ok, so some of my bridesmaids were going to come to Austin to go dress shopping with me.  I thought I would get a head start and shop a little without them, that way when they came I could actually show them ones that I like, rather than waste everyone’s time with ill-fitted gowns.  So I recently visited 3 bridal stores in Austin, Serendipity, Belle Saison and Unbridaled.  Unbridaled sort of lets you do things on your own and then just comes in to zip you up, Serendipity and Belle Saison were there for it all.  Thankfully I was actually wearing decent undergarments.   

So I narrowed it down to several gowns that I like.  Oh, and a side note, I made sure to tell the girls that I wanted to wear a mantilla veil (only I said manzanita, as in the trees, because all of this is unfamiliar and new.  Thankfully she was nice about it). 

So here are the ones from Unbridaled:

Nicole Miller


And these are from Serendipity

Modern Trousseau


Paloma Blanca


And from Belle Saison

Mori Lee 2101 Casablanca 1900


This is



And this is Casablanca 1936


I will tell you that Belle Saison had my girl. It was so obviously the one.  I didn’t want to take it off, I couldn’t stop smiling, and even the girl helping me said, “so clearly that’s the one, look at you!”  So as I was getting ready to leave she said that the dress was on sale. What??  Yep, 15% off, but only for a limited time.  I was supposed to go shopping with bridesmaids and my sister!  I seriously didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want to miss the sale and pay full price.  I came home, talked to Mr. Fro Yo and he was all for me getting it (though he doesn’t know what it looks like).   Then I called my sister to break the news to her, but as I was doing that, I remembered she was randomly stopping in Austin on her way back to Dallas, so we get to go together!!  Someone will get to see it before I buy it!  Phew! 

Ok, so any  guesses on the one I chose??



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I know, I know! But I won’t blow it for everyone else. I love all of these, but the one you chose is perfect for you. Jyl said it’s exactly what she would have picked for you…

Comment by Kim

Wow – I love all three! But I so want to know which one…email me!

Comment by Laura McFarlane

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