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The honeymoon!
June 30, 2009, 9:32 am
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Mr. Fro Yo is in charge of the honeymoon, and yes, he does know this. Has he done a lot of research on it yet? Not so much. I figured giving him fun things like honeymoon was the best way to go because we all know boys and planning weddings typically do not mesh well together. I tried to assign him DJs, and so far he’s still thinking about which sites he wants to use to search for DJs, but hasn’t actually searched. Hmm…

Anyway, but he did offer a suggestion for where to go for our honeymoon, Puerto Rico!  I was really excited about it, and hadn’t considered it previously. They use US currency, we don’t need a passport, and it’s a gorgeous beach with lots of activities should we decide we want to do more than lay around on the beach.  Just look at some of the beach photos


Source 1

puerto rico

puerto rico2

Source 2, 3

AND they have some luxury resorts with your very own swimming pool right outside your room



Source 4, 5

OR you could skip the resort thing (which we will probably do, because let’s be honest, we aren’t resort people), and you can stay in an entire rented house!



Source 6, 7

And they even have a waterfall right down the way from the house.  Plus you can go snorkling, kayaking, hiking, there are rain forests.  I mean, seriously this sounds amazing! The house,  is called Villa Sevilla, and it looks like a high contender right now.


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Love your blog! All of your fun ideas make me want to get married again!

Comment by Crystal

Would now be a good time to tell you that I may be in PR in the end of April, 2010? I have a work conference there the week of April 29. There is no guarantee that I’m going yet with our budget cuts, but if I am I’ll be sure to decorate your bed with rose petals or do something else romantic for you. I promise not to honeymoon-crash. 🙂

Comment by Ashley

LOVE IT!!!!! I wanna go….

Comment by Amy

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