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Wedding Favors
July 2, 2009, 9:44 pm
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I did a poll on this ages ago, but thought I should revisit it because I know I have some new readers since then.  Originally I was going to forgo the wedding favor tradition and just give people the pictures they took from the photobooth that we plan to have at the wedding.  And we still might do that, but then as I searched through my usual blogs, I found some amazing favors that sort of make me want to give some out.  These are all from Wedding Bee

So this first one is imported italian sparkling water and a donation to a breast cancer charity.  The bride thought that although she was giving a donation to a charity in honor of her guests, the guests might want to take something home with them.  Isn’t this a sweet idea?


And then this next one is simple, but seriously nothing is better than a yummy homemade chocolate chip cookie in cute packaging.  Plus, let’s be honest, people will be drinking and might get hungry.  I imagine people chowing on them as we head to our next location after the wedding.  And that thanks on there is just a stamp, meaning I could actually do that on my own!


This last one is my absolute favorite.  This bride lived right near a non-profit bakery that provides job training for at risk and homeless youth.  The treat that she gave as her favor was made by the kids.  And the muslin bags are stamped with that cute message.  Swoon!



So what do you think?  Any other favor ideas?


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