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The Rehearsal Dinner
July 6, 2009, 2:27 pm
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Yes, I know it’s a little early to already talk about this, but my future mother in law and I have already talked about it, so why not share it with you?  We’re lucky that the futre in laws are taking on this expense,  so I wanted them to be able to pick the location.  Of course I was there if they needed any ideas 🙂  So she came up with some ideas and I came up with some ideas and now I think we’ve settled on a place. 

We thought about Maggiano’s.  Which is yummy italian food


But the price wasn’t too sweet, and it was sort of far from our venue so we kept looking.

I also thought about renting out a room at the Dallas Farmer’s Market and then having food catered in.


I thought this would save some money because the room rentals there are super cheap and catering food and bringing in your own alcohol can save lots of money too.  The problem was that all of that takes a lot of effort, and none of us live in Dallas, so it seemed a bit overwhelming. 

Then we thought about Mattito’s.  It’s a restaurant in uptown very near the wedding venue.  And it’s mexican food, how can you go wrong?  I also like that having the rehearsal there seems very Texasy for the non Texas people. 




And the price was very good at Mattito’s, and there are margaritas.  Yum. Plus the atmosphere is fun. I can’t wait!


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Yay! I’ve been to several fiestas at Mattito’s and they always have excellent food and drinks…good choice for the out of towners and a very cheap cab ride back to my apartment 🙂

Comment by Kim

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