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Statement Necklace
July 23, 2009, 9:08 pm
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Statement necklaces are everywhere, and I love them. I even stopped a lady in the bathroom the other day to tell her that I loved her necklace. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear one with my wedding dress, but I saw that this bride did on Southern Weddings, and it looked great!



And then I started to think maybe I could get one for my bridesmaids to wear as one of their gifts.  Here are some that I love

These are from Anthrpologie:

anthro necklace




Above images from Anthropologie

These are from J Crew



I haven’t even begun to look on etsy yet, but I’m sure there would be plenty there too.  My one fear is that this is a big trend, who knows if I’ll still love a statement necklace come april.  Hmm…


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Ooooooh, I love that green one from Anthropologie. And it would be very cool to bring in the green from other parts of your wedding.

Comment by Kim

that’s true about the green one, but kelsey i’m with you in that this could be a big trend…although that’s kind of what makes weddings fun…you look back and say, “wow, it was so 2010 to wear a big necklace!” ya know? i like it!

Comment by Erika

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