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August 20, 2009, 8:40 pm
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I really love signage.  Yes, it might be redundant and unnecessary, but I think it’s those little details that make a wedding.  And, I’m also a little anal and like orderliness, so the signs will help people know what to do and where to go.  Here are some things I want signs for:

Wedding- I definitely want a wooden sign painted with the word wedding



Photobooth- I envision a wooden sign much like this one



 Drinks (signature cocktail and others) maybe this could be on a chalk board.



and I found the perfect chalkboard that I want to use onEtsy from sweetie pie suite

chalkboard sweetiepiesuite


Just Married- Maybe this??

just married


Cotton Candy- My sister had a great idea for this too.  We can add little tags with ribbon for people to take the cotton candy with them and it can say “Love is Sweet”.  I love it!!  I also want to put some sort of signage in a frame for them regarding the cotton candy.

200px-Love-is-sweet Source

Guest Book (since ours will be somewhat untraditional)- This will be in a frame.



Ceremony- Our venue coordinator suggested having a house party, and I don’t mind, but I also don’t want to insult people and ask them to be responsible for having people sign the guest book or direct them to the wedding, so if I decide not to, I would like to put a sign directing people to the ceremony as soon as they get off the elevator.



Kids table- Not that adults will see the kids table and think they should sit there, but still, at least they will know its for all kids, not just the wedding party kids. 



Wedding Cards- I still have no idea what sort of box or item I will use to store the cards, but I will want a framed sign next to it.



 (but maybe not a birdcage)

Can you think of anything else that should have a sign?


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