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So Happy to Bee Here
August 24, 2009, 10:22 pm
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Oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys (said like Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde musical), I can’t believe I’m a bee!! I got the email about my newly acquired bee status and my jaw dropped, I was so excited, and frankly shocked!!  But I am so excited to share my wedding planning journey with all of you!

Ok, so why Miss Frozen Yogurt, or Fro Yo as I like to say.  Well, there is actually a story there.  I heart frozen yogurt. So much so that I made Mr. Fro Yo drive a good 20-30 miles to the nearest TCBY to get some.  Well, as we were circling the parking lot we realized that good ole’ Garmin had been tricked because I failed to update the maps and the TCBY was now closed.  As I quickly tried to type in yet another TCBY location, Mr. Fro Yo suggested we try a diferent frozen dessert.  We ended up settling on a frosty, although delicious, it just wasn’t the same. 

Anyway, so a little about us…


We moved to Austin from Dallas about 2 years ago to persue new jobs.  I  had just finished graduate school and Mr. Fro Yo was just ready for a change.  We took a chance, packed all our stuff up, and now we couldn’t be happier!!   I do policy work for the state of Texas and Mr. Fro Yo is an equity trader.  We have a sweet dog that we adopted from the SPCA that we like to take swimming and hiking.  Thankfully Austin is a great city with lots of amazing hiking trails! 

So why Dallas for the wedding?  Well, a lot of my family is in Dallas,  Mr. Fro Yo is originally from there, and that’s where we met.   Now, we are working hard to plan a vintage, yet modern wedding in a city that we can only visit on weekends.  Thank goodness for email!!


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