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Wedding Planning
August 31, 2009, 8:02 pm
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So, wedding planning has been so fun for me, but there have definitely been days when I wanted to run from it all and hide my head in a hole.



Don’t get me wrong, I love having this creative outlet, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and a little lonely.  The reason I actually started blogging was because I didn’t want to bore my friends with all the details of my wedding.  Not that pe0ple were acting bored really (ok, maybe one was), but I just don’t like to be a burden on people.  So I go to vendor appointments alone, make decisions about colors, and hell even my dress.  Alone.  But I realize that it’s totally my fault because I have this irrational fear of asking for help.  I know that any of my BMs would go with me to appointments if I just asked them.  But for some reason I can’t.  I always form these rationalizations in my head for why it’s ok that I’m going alone (like I want to find a dress before showing them, or I need to see if I even like the vendor and then get other opinions), but then when I leave I always wish that I had someone there with me that heard what I heard or saw what I saw so that we could talk about it. 

Mr. Fro Yo told me from the beginning that he loved me very much, but that he would go to the JP tomorrow to marry me and didn’t need the big wedding.  That was very sweet, but I wanted the big wedding.  So I guess I don’t want to ask him to come because I know how he feels about the big wedding thing.  And again, that fear of asking for help arises. 

So what have I learned from all this?  I learned that I need to put myself out there a little more and ask for help when I need it because I’m the one making myself lonely, no one else.  That’s going to be a hard lesson for me though.  Has anyone else found this wedding planning experience to be a little lonely at times?


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I wish I lived close by because I would force you to take me to your appointments!

Comment by Laura McFarlane

I totally agree – you hit the nail on the head. It’s ironic that planning a wedding for 100-400 of your BFFs can leave you feeling lonely at times. I’m here for you, even from far away! Also, how nice that your blog gives you the chance to be so reflective about the process. I’m so impressed, as always.

Comment by Ashley

Please ask. I want to do it all 🙂

Comment by Kim

Seriously!! Anytime, you know I’ll be there 🙂

Comment by Amy

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