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The Engagement
September 8, 2009, 8:10 pm
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I realized I haven’t even told you how the whole engagement happened.  Well sit back my friends, here begins the story…

Texas is a weird state when it comes to politics (in more ways than one, but let me bite my tongue), and we only have a legislative session every other year.  During that time I find myself much busier at work and a hell of a lot more stressed.  Well, our engagement day I was at the pinnacle of my stress level.  I emailed Mr. Fro Yo to say watch out I’m in one of those moods.  He took it in stride and said we should spend a night just the two of us with some sushi takeout from our favorite restaurant.   I could immediately feel some of the stress melting away, and in true state worker fashion, I watched the clock tick by until it was time for me to go. 

We did all the typical things we do after work: take doggie fro yo to the hiking trails, watch some stock (as in the stock exchange) programs on CNBC (for Mr. Fro Yo’s work), and watch Mr. Fro Yo take in an extraordinary amount of protein (he’s a big time work out guy, and he eats multiple cans of tuna and egg whites everyday).  Then we went to pick up our sushi.  I stayed in the kitchen to feed our dog, and Mr. Fro Yo went to set everything up.  He discreetly placed the ring in a california roll and covered it up with a napkin.  I sat down hungry for some sushi and snatched the napkin right off.  Underneath I saw the most gorgeous engagement ring:


I cried, and it was an ugly cry– mascara streaming down my face, red blotchy cheeks, yep.  But he still asked.  He didn’t get down on one knee; he just sat next to me, held my hand and asked me to mary him.  Eventually I pulled myself together and said yes!  Our proposal was very “us.”  Neither of us would have done well with a public proposal.  There was one problem though–the use of food in the proposal.  I couldn’t eat!  I needed to call everyone and tell them the news, but Mr. Fro Yo was hungry!  He understood though and sat by patiently as I shrieked with one friend after the next and eventually we were able to dine.  Me with my shiny new engagement ring on my finger and Mr. Fro Yo with a big smile on his face.


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Love it!!! Such a wonderful engagement story.

Comment by Laura McFarlane

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