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Remembering Family
September 9, 2009, 9:01 pm
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I’m going to warn you guys from the beginning, this is a Debbie Downer post, but it’s important to be real, right?  Anyway, I guess I’ll just jump right in…when I was 12 my father passed away.  He was sick for a while and we all knew that his time with us was limited, but obviously you can’t prepare yourself for something like this.  As I’ve made my way through the important events and milestones in my life , I’ve always wished that I could have my dad by my side and my wedding day is no different. 

This meant that he wouldn’t be there to walk me down the aisle, give me away, have our father daughter dance, or give a stern talking to Mr. Fro Yo (should he require one).  I’ve never thought about this and not cried.  And this time is no different; however, I’ve found ways to incorporate things that represent Daddy Fro Yo in our wedding.  One of the things I plan to incorporate is magnolia flowers. 

magnolia flower


My dad was from Mississippi, and you can’t drive 3 feet without seeing a magnolia tree there.  I will have some of these gorgeous flowers in my bouquet, though I realize this is not a traditional wedding flower.  My florist and I are still working out other ways to incorporate them.  I have also been searching for the perfect magnolia flower to wear in my hair, and am still searching! 

I also have some amazing people in my life that make my loss a little easier.  Enter Brother Fro Yo:

b (can you guess which one he is 🙂 )

He will walk me down the aisle, tell me lots of jokes to calm my nerves, and keep me from crying the day of the wedding.  He did this for my older sister at her wedding, and I know that he will do the same for me.  He’s already taking his joke telling seriously by sharing this picture with me and saying that I should tell you all that he’s one of the monks.

However, the one thing he can’t stand in for is the father-daughter dance.  Which leads me to the mother-son dance…I definitely do not want to take this moment away from Mr. Fro Yo and his mom, and he’s been so sensitive and wonderful regarding my feelings.  But at the same time I know that seeing them out there and knowing that my turn isn’t next will be very difficult for me.  I have not come up with the solution for this, one thing I considered is just letting them dance whenever they want to, but maybe not making it a “moment” with a designated song.  But is that special enough for them? What would you all do?


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why don’t you dance with barrett? i think it would be really sweet! or just do what you said about not designating a dance…sean may not want that much pressure anyway…or we could fly thom in to dance with you…actually, that’s what i’d do…

Comment by Erika

Forget the last idea! I think that it would be nice for Barrett to dance with you but it should be comfortable for you. Barrett looks a lot like Dad as he gets older especially, so I think that he’s a great substitute for a lot of reasons. But it’s your wedding and your feelings that matter….

Comment by Jackie Sears

Although i raised my daughter by myself, her father and grandfather walked her down the isle but she and i decided that i also deserved a dance with her (seeing as how i taught her to dance) so she and i danced to James Taylor’s “You’ve got a Friend”. It was one of my great memories. I also think dancing with your brother would honor both him and your dad. Mostly do whatever makes you feel joyful. Its your special day girlfriend!

Comment by letha

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