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Map Maker, Map Maker, Make Me a Map
September 16, 2009, 7:58 pm
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As you may have already gathered, I’m crafting challenge…in every way possible.  When people talk about how they construct projects with just the things they have laying around their house, I am always astonished.  I attempted to take on several projects only to get frustrated a few hours (or minutes) later and give up.  Well, lucky for me, Mr. Fro Yo has a lot more patience and skill than me.  I kept trying to come up with activities for him to help with for the wedding, and then it hit me, the wedding map!!  So last night Mr. Fro Yo sat down for about an hour and finished our map!  

What do you think:

wedding map

I still need to go back and do some additional details, but I was so impressed with what he put together!  We followed Mrs. Ballet Flat’s tutorial and it worked perfectly.  I need to figure out what to print it on and how to include it with our invitations that we don’t have yet.  But I knew long ago that I wanted a wedding map and it feels so great to be able to cross that off our checklist.  Thanks Mr. Fro Yo!  I told him if this whole stock trading thing doesn’t work out, he might just have a career in making maps.  He wasn’t amused. 🙂  Did your fiance come through and help with a DIY project?


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