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I think I broke my finger
September 28, 2009, 8:01 pm
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Oh no!!  Today we were taking doggie fro yo and a doggie friend for a walk.  Unfortunately, the doggie friend got excited and wanted to run after a small animal, thus yanking me and my finger forward. 

The culprits:

mandk(doggie friend on left, doggie fro yo on right)

Now, I wouldn’t be blogging about this (ps I’m blogging like I don’t know how to type, one finger at a time when using my left hand) if it wasn’t wedding related.  It’s on my left hand, and it’s my ring finger.  NOOO.  Well, now I can’t get my ring on my finger.




I hope the swelling goes down soon!  I feel totally naked without my ring!  Did any of you face injuries, or other obstacles that prevented you from wearing your engagement ring?


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My initial reaction is pure sympathy. And then I can’t stop laughing b/c it really is sort of hilarious and ironic. Hope it heals quickly (and straight)!

Comment by Kim

Sorry about the broken finger but the picture of the culprits in jail (or so it seems) is adorable!

Comment by Jackie Sears

I developed a large wart (uck) on my left pointing finger knuckle,Just after i got engaged to one of my many husbands (the rich one from Peru)who had just put a georgeous 1 1/2 carat pear shaped diamond on my ring finger. I was so embarrased i wouldnt even wear my ring and then when i went to the doctor and had it removed, he had to stitch it and it took forever to heal. I still have the scar. That was before the days of lazers when they still used the old sharp knife.

Comment by letha

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