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To assign or not to assign
September 30, 2009, 8:31 pm
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So I was deadset on not assigning tables for the wedding.  It felt like a giant stressor so close to the end, and I just didn’t want to do that to myself.  But then I read this post on the weddingbee boards and I started to second guess myself.  My problem with assigning tables is if people don’t come to the wedding that RSVP’d, the people at that table might feel shunned.  And what if people just ignore the assignments anyway?  And what if I can’t figure out who should sit together?  OR worse, what if I forget to assign a seat to someone?

Now, I’ve been to weddings where seating is assigned and weddings where it isn’t.  I’ve never felt like I was scrambling when it wasn’t assigned, nor did I feel like I had to “mark” my table.  I’m just so torn. 

On a positive note, there are so many adorable ways to personalize the name cards and table numbers, I did feel sad at one point that I wouldn’t be taking on that task.  Here are some ideas that I love:











Yes, they are gorgeous, but is it worth it?  Should I take on this task?  What do you think hive?  What’s been your experience with and without assigning tables?


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