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Inspired by Trees
October 6, 2009, 9:08 pm
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So remember when I was struggling with what to do for the wedding card holder?  Well, all of you had amazing ideas, but there was one  inparticular that stuck with me.  It was Mrs. Bruschetta’s idea about a paper mache tree that they did for her brother’s wedding.  Now, I knew there was no way I could create a paper mache tree that I would want anyone to see, but the tree idea stuck with me. 

You see, we are getting married under trees, and we have some manzanita branch centerpieces so I thought it was fitting, but I couldn’t figure out how to make this idea work.  And then I saw this:

tree stump


It’s a hollowed out tree stump with a slit on top for cards with the couples initials carved in.  So, basically perfect.  The problem?  I immediately asked Mr. Fro Yo if he could make this for me.  I even argued that we had a saw.  That’s where he laughed at me and told me that it would take a lot more than a saw to hollow out a tree.  Hmm…he’s right.  But now I cannot get this idea out of my head, and every other idea I’ve come up with can’t even compete with this. 

So hive, I’ve come to you.  Where oh where might I find something like this?  Did you have a wedding project that you couldn’t figure out how to implement?  What did you do?


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Um, I don’t know where you can get this, but can I borrow it afterwards? 🙂

Comment by Ashley

Yes, you can definitely borrow it. I’m thinking alchemy on etsy?

Comment by kelso115

Just as you enter Kerrville, on the left behind a service station is a small building with alot of wood carvings out front. That is all he does. I’ll bet he could whip one out for you easily.

Comment by letha

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