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The Left Hand Scan
October 7, 2009, 9:22 pm
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So the other day I was at Central Market (comparable to Whole Foods, sorta for you non-Texas girls) and I was planning on just grabbing some lunch, but then as I walked through the aisles I was tempted by all sorts of glorious, organic food and I just couldn’t help myself (I swear this is relevant to the story).  So as I’m juggling my salad, raspberries, wine for later and some delicious cheese, I stop at the drink section to try and pile on some sparkling water.  And then I see this guy approaching me.  I think, oh how nice, he’s going to offer to help me grab some water.  But then he starts talking to me, like a lot:

Him:  How are you? 

Me: Um..ok (still juggling groceries, regretting not picking up one of those baskets on the way in).

Him: Are you having a good day?

Me: Um, yeah just trying to get some lunch (and now I’m starting to think, is he..hitting on me?) So I try to finagle my ring out from underneath my groceries to flash it at him.  I cough and cover my mouth, casually brush my hair out of my face (oh crap, that could be seen as flirting, back to coughing while trying not to drop groceries). But he does not seem to notice. Now I’m really regreting not picking up a basket.

Him: (After a few other random quetions he jumps right in) Are you single?

Me: Oh, no sorry, I’m engaged (showing the ring one last time).

Him: Consider it a compliment. 

Ok, so he was nice, and it ended up fine, but do people not look for the ring on the left hand anymore?  Or am I the only weirdo that does this?  Or worse do they see it and not care?


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