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The Big Reveal
October 11, 2009, 8:55 pm
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So while we were busily putting together my save the dates, I casually mentioned that I wanted to see Mr. Fro Yo before the wedding and do our reveal at that point.  Sister Fro Yo looked at me like I said I want to stab puppies in the eyes and said, “um…I just went to a wedding where a couple did that and we made fun of them, but whatevs.”  Direct quote. (sorry sister fro yo, but you did!)  Well, so I argued that our ceremony didn’t begin until 6:30 and I wanted to be sure that we could enjoy our cocktail hour and hor’dourves, and hell, our wedding!  I know taking pictures can take a very long time and I don’t want to regret not taking any because I was itching to get to the party. 

Plus, I am totally going to cry.  Not that I won’t cry during the ceremony, but maybe if I see Mr. Fro Yo in our own private reveal, I’ll get some of it out there, touch up my make up, and be able to hold it together during the ceremony.  While I get that it is not traditional to see your future husband before the wedding, I don’t believe it’s bad luck and in our case I think it’s what works best for us.  Not to mention we aren’t a very “traditional” couple anyway.  We moved to a new city together 6 months after we started dating and bought a house together before we got married (this past June!).  I also think that doing the reveal in private will make it more intimate and romantic for us.  We are both somewhat shy and having that special moment in private is important to me.

However, I did waiver momentarily on this decision after our conversation at the save the date party, but ultimately I have my mind made up- I want to do the reveal ahead of time and think that we will have some amazing pictures from it. 

Did you make any wedding decisions that were unpopular with your family?  How did you handle them?


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