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A Little Shopping for the Groom
October 12, 2009, 9:22 pm
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Woohoo, we finally tried to outfit Mr. Fro Yo!  I’ve had my dress choice squared away since June, it was only fair that my Mr. finally figure out what he’s going to wear.  But alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.  So we went to 2 different stores recently so that we could peruse the racks and racks of grey suits and we came across some great contenders. 

The first place we went was Joseph A Bank.  We were lured in by their advertising of buying one suit and getting a second for $99, and maybe a third for free?  I’m not sure, they were running so many specials in there , but at least they had some good suits.  The sales guy was kind of a lurker, which wasn’t all that helpful since he was just watching me pull out suits, even though I told him that we were interested in grey suits in size 44.  Hmm…anyway, so while we were there Mr. Fro Yo tried on 2 suits. 

The first suit was a plain grey suit, but unfortunately I didn’t pull out my camera until he had his 2nd suit on.

The second had a thin pinstripe (sorry he’s not looking at the camera, he won’t be in any of them, and it’s not that I’m a bad photographer, he’s just being shy)::



Both of them looked good, but they carried a hefty price tag (the ones he liked at JosABank ranged between $400-$800). So as we were leaving I saw Express for Men and thought, why not pop in there and see what their suits are like?  I knew that they would be cheaper. 

When we walked in the employees were seriously SO helpful.  We had a great shopping experience there.  We saw 2 grey ones, so we pulled them and he tried them on.

The first was a grey pin stripe that was super cute and 30% off:


The second one Mr. Fro Yo did not want to try on.  In fact, his exact words were this is an f’ing leisure suit, but I really liked it, so he humored me and put it on:



See that face?  That is not a happy face, but I thought it looked great.  Unfortunately, he disagreed. 

So the search continues.  We feel like it was a good start, but want to shop around to see what else we can find.  Did you try out several places before deciding on a tux or suit for your groom?


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I also think the leisure suit is ADORABLE. Mark my vote for that one.

Can’t wait to see my Mr. in his outfit also!

Comment by Ashley

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