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My Own Little Fashionista
October 14, 2009, 10:13 pm
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Much like many brides before me, I am super excited about wearing a hair flower in my hair.  I even talked about it with my six year old niece, who also happens to be my flower girl.  We were having a discussion about how to wear our hair for the wedding.  No, seriously, we were–this girl knows fashion and has picked out my outfits on more than one occassion, and I typically gets compliments when she does.  I’m talking entire outfit; dress, shoes, jewelry, and purse.    One of my bridesmaids even commented that my niece has a closet she can only hope for and that she often ends up looking more trendy than the rest of us. 

Anyway, so back to talking about our hair.  I asked her how she wanted to wear her hair and she mentioned that she wanted to wear a flower in her hair.  I gave her a big high five and told her that I too wanted to wear one!  So me and my fashionista niece started talking about what said flowers might look like, and then we got into how many we should wear.  I’m somewhat terrified of the oversized hair flower.  Listen, some girls can pull it off and it looks amazing, adorable even.  I don’t think that I’m one of those girls, but it doesn’t mean that  I don’t see them and dream.  Here’s one that I love:



I sent this very picture to a bridesmaid and asked her if she thought it might look too big on me.  She didn’t think so, and I decided to convo the etsy seller.  Problem was, the etsy seller wasn’t very responsive.  On to the next one…

I took the non-responsiveness to mean that maybe I should reconsider the single, large flower and start looking for smaller, double flowers (plus my niece thought more was better, and I like to listen to her).  So then I found this one:



And these:



So what do you think?  Do you like the double flower?  Or do you think the single flower is the way to go?  The little ones have such adorable names like ‘sweet pea’ it’s sort of hard for me to pass that up! 

Oh, and just because I know you’re asking yourself-what the heck does that sweet little girl look like?  I’ll leave you with this photo of both my nieces in their flower girl outfits. 🙂




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I like the single flower especially if it’s very beautiful.

Comment by Jackie Sears

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