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One of the Sweetest Proposals
October 27, 2009, 6:49 pm
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For you girls in the waiting section, I thought I’d try to help you and your SOs out (I know you made a vow to say nothing until Christmas, but just hear me out).   Maybe your SO is trying really hard to come up with a creative idea or way to propose, but just can’t figure out what the hell to do. 

Well, that’s where your blog friends come in.  See, this sweet guy knew that his girlfriend loved reading Bakerella (and who wouldn’t, her stuff is amazing), so he emailed Bakerella to see if she would help him out with his proposal!  Well, of course she said yes, and this was the result:



Every Sunday night she posts a new recipe or sweet idea, and just recently, this was the post on her blog!  What a lucky girl!  Oh, and the recipe for those awesome cupcake pops is also on her website. 

So, maybe you all could hook your SO with some of your blog friends and see what happens.  Just a thought! 

Did your fiance involve any external parties in the planning or execution of your proposal?


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