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Extreme Beauty
October 29, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Okay, this post is going to sound kind of gross.  I kept trying to figure out how to talk about this in a less gross way and just couldn’t. 

So my entire life, I’ve always had moles on my neck and collar bone area.  Not hairy, gross moles, but not sweet beauty mark moles either.  



My nieces frequently point them out and ask me what they are and why I have so many.  Not really easy to explain them to little girls, so I usually just say they are big freckles, and that it was just the way I was born. 

But, I’ve been self-conscious of them and wanted to get rid of them for some time now.  Well, the wedding was my motivation to finally do it.  Once I picked out my strapless wedding dress I knew there was no reason to keep waiting, and just get them removed.  So, recently I went to the dermatologist and started getting them removed.  I figured that I couldn’t get them off all at once, so I settled for two.  My doctor warned me that because they are on my neck and chest that they could lead to keloids so I was extra careful to follow all the post-op care advice, and I’m glad to report–no keloids!  The worst part was the healing because I had to wear band-aids on my neck and got lots of “covering up hickies” comments.  Ahh, sigh.  But, they’re gone.

Now I feel lots better and once I got rid of the 2 I hated most, I think I can just leave the rest of them.

Did you take on any extreme beauty measures before the wedding?


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You crack me up…never once have I noticed your moles. But, if it makes you less self-concious, I’m all for extreme beauty 🙂

Comment by Kim

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