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Biting the Bullet and Assigning Tables
November 9, 2009, 9:42 pm
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OK, you all convinced me about the assigning of tables.  So I’m going to do it.  I am a major planner, and I agreed that although I will be stressed creating the name cards and assinging tables so close to the wedding, I will be even more stressed if people are running around trying to find a place to sit.  Well, luckily I came across the cutest name card holders from Good Guest on etsy. 

name card holder

I think they are so sweet, and people can take them home and use them to hold pictures later if they want to. 

However, I decided that instead of spending $19 for 12 of them, I am going to attempt to make them.  I know, can you believe it?  Me?  Attempt such a massive project?  But hear me out.  I live in a very wooded area, and one of the trails that we frequent has many fallen down trees and branches that we can get for free.  As we were walking through there recently, I noticed several branches that would be perfect. And best of all, Mr. Fro Yo is on board with this project, which is huge because I don’t think I can saw all of those branches.

One dilemma though.  I also saw another very similar idea, and now I can’t decide which one I like more.  Here is the other one:

name card holder2


So what do you think?  Do you like the first or second one better?


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oh these are oh so cute! I say definitely the 2nd one, cuz they are super cute, and a little easier since you don’t have to do the wire things and write directly on the wood. Too cute!

Comment by Lynn

I think #1 is way cuter!

Comment by Ashley

The first one is much cuter!

Comment by Linda

Thanks girls! It’s definitely good to get other opinions. I liked the idea of a wood vase, but I thought I could write the names much cuter than they are there, without a sharpie. But I also love the first one.

Comment by kelso115

# 1 for me.

Comment by Brandi

#1 for me also – I would def use that for photos and think of you and your wedding!

Comment by Laura McFarlane

I like #1.

Comment by Kim

Yeah #1 too. Very cute and though it is stressful, we will be there helping you out if you need it. No that is not just another excuse for you to come to Dallas and for us to get together again 🙂

Comment by Amy

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