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Clothing inspired by weddings
November 12, 2009, 8:55 pm
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Have you been shopping for non-wedding related clothing since becoming engaged?  Do you find yourself gravitating toward items that you would normally never wear, but now are drawn to because of their “wedding-ness”?  No?  Just me? 

I was in JCrew, and of course I love all their wedding and non-wedding stuff, but I started picking up shirts with flowers, lace and jewels.  Like this:



And this



Granted, both are great, but it’s just not my normal style.  But now?  The wedding has infiltrated my closet in more ways than just the dress, veil, and shoes that live there until the wedding. 

The other day I tried on a dress with a tulle bottom.  Did you hear me, a TULLE bottom!  I have not worn something with tulle since I was a little girl in a tutu.  And this dress was not for something wedding related.  I was thinking I could wear this to a party or something.  I had to tell myself to put the dress down and step out of the dressing room.  I’ve also been trying on hair flowers and jeweled headbands, and asking myself how I might be able to incorporate them into my everyday attire.  The answer?  I can’t, and most definitely shouldn’t.   So, please friends-if you see me rocking something ridiculously wedding-like, just chalk it up to me having bride brain and thinking everything with a hint of shimmer, lace, or beading is gorgeous. 

Am I alone in this?  Is anyone else gravitating toward wedding-inspired clothing while planning?


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