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Wedding Project: Success
November 29, 2009, 6:52 pm
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You thought I was going to say FAIL, right?  Normally I would have to say that, but this is one that I’m really proud of. 

So, remember when I decided that I wanted to assign seating and discovered these great name card holders?  Well, as cute as I thought they were, I thought we could make them.  So we headed to the woods and collected a very large fallen branch and Mr. Fro Yo got to work (sidenote: I felt like a complete tool carrying this gigantic piece of wood around and came up with a firewood story just in case anyone asked, no one did, but I swear there were some stares and I almost blurted it out anyway):

And we got one of these:

And then we made this!:

(please excuse the martin and osa card, I just wanted to use something to see the full effect)

This project was SO simple and cheap, minus all the sawing, which will require us to borrow an electric saw.  This entire project cost $4.  That’s it!  Here are the supplies we used:

  • Steel Wire
  • Nails to make the hole where the wire would go
  • Hammer to get the nails to make the hole
  • Wire cutter to get the wire the right size
  • and TONS of wood

So what do you think?  What wedding projects have you been really proud of?


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This looks like possibly the least safe way to cut a log ever. Hopefully you came up with a better platform for the cutting of 100 of these! Seriously though, they turned out FABULOUS.

Comment by Ashley

Ha! You don’t think using our deck railing as a cutting surface is safe? Weird. 🙂 Seriously though, it’s better than the garage floor which is where I was when he took over.

Comment by kelso115

Did you find enough wood or do my parents need to search around the lakehouse? They won’t even have to make up a firewood story 🙂

Comment by Kim

I think we might need to find more wood, but it’s easy to go near our house. Maybe you can help this weekend when you’re here. 🙂 It’s not embarrassing at all!

Comment by kelso115

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