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How the Economy Benefited By My Spendy Ways, the Fro Yo Story
November 30, 2009, 9:22 pm
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So next year on Black Friday (and probably Cyber Monday), please take away my credit card. 

I blame my recent spending on the stock market, and not because the economy sucks, but rather because it was open.  See, Mr. Fro Yo is the frugal one in this relationship, and he had to work on Black Friday because the stock market was actually open the day after Thanksgiving.  I didn’t have my sounding board nearby to tell me to shut off the laptop.  So you ready to see my purchases?

Let’s start with a gift for the wedding party.  Pottery Barn was having a sale on monogrammed items (free monogramming!), and so I thought, “Hey, this will make a great gift for the guys!” 


Only Mr. Fro Yo didn’t think all his groomsmen would like it, so I just got it for a few of them. 

And then, a friend of mine was recently engaged, so I thought I needed to do something to commemorate her engagement and her new (almost) last name, so I got her some personalized soap:


Oh and some wedding decor?  Why not these adorable Bubble Balls, though I’m not entirely sure I know how I will use them.  They were cheap and I figured they would look great around our house after the wedding too:


And then best of all…I got my wedding ring!!  I felt bad because I didn’t ask Mr. Fro Yo if it was OK that I was buying my ring without showing him, but I figured he would be SO proud of the amazing deal I got, that he wouldn’t even care that I bought it without asking.  Usually this is a dangerous thought, but this time I was actually right!  This ring was normally $800, and I got it for less than $200!!  Right within our budget AND the perfect ring! 


So, did you go crazy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday too?  What were the best deals you found?


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where did you get that beautiful ring!? I have a similar budget and would love one!

Comment by Ashley

those personalized bags from PB are awesome! My man would have appreciated it!

Comment by Lynn

The ring is beautiful!!!

Comment by Jackie Sears

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