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My Uneven Wedding Party
December 3, 2009, 10:35 am
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I struggled with this in the beginning, and considered several different options to try and create a perfectly even wedding party.  See, I wanted 6 girls and Mr. Fro Yo only wanted 4 guys. 

I considered just including my sister, and he just his brother, but the more I thought about that, the more I realized that it really wasn’t what I wanted.  What about the girls I’d known and been friends with since junior high?  Or the grad school friends I made?  I wanted to include all of them!  I kept suggesting people Mr. Fro Yo could include, but then I realized that by making him include people he didn’t want to, it was essential the same as my not being able to include girls I wanted.  So I decided that an uneven wedding party wasn’t that bad. 

However, to complicate matters, my brother will be a groomsmen and also my escort down the aisle.  Figuring out how to maneuver this wedding party down the aisle was becoming increasingly more difficult.  My current idea for the processional is to let all the guys walk down the aisle together with the officiant and Mr. Fro Yo, and the girls will walk alone one by one.  And what about the recessional?  Well, two lucky guys will get to “recess” (what’s the verb for recessional???) with 2 girls. 

Anyone else with an uneven wedding party?  How are you handling the processional and recessional?


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