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The Uninvited Wedding Party Member
December 8, 2009, 8:36 pm
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So I have this friend, and he’s a really great friend.  We met in college and whenever I am with him I cannot stop laughing.  We get each other’s humor, and I just know I’m going to have a good time with him.  The problem?  He’s a little unpredictable.  And that is really just a euphemism for “gets hammered.” 


So,  he was just going to be a guest at the wedding, not in the wedding party, or so I thought…

So I have this other friend, and he’s uber talented and is also someone who I love to be around.  He’s not as unpredictable, and his singing voice is unprecedented.  In fact, he sang for the Boston Pops Holiday choir, and has been in a number of musicals.  I asked him to sing at our wedding during our first dance because I wanted to find a way to incorporate him into the wedding since he’s important to me, and really, anything I can do to get him to sing is always great.

The problem?  Friend 2 (singing guy) decided to ask Friend 1 (hammered guy) to play the piano during our first dance while he’s singing.  Um…and this was all done without consulting me.  The other problem?  We don’t have a piano at our venue, nor do I own a keyboard.  The major problem? I talked to Friend 1 and he was SO excited to play the piano at our wedding and told me he’d already been practicing our song.  My heart sank, and I felt like a total bridezilla for even fretting about this.  He’s my friend and 29 (will be 30 at the wedding), I can trust him to play the piano for 5 minutes, can’t I?

Ultimately I decided that I wasn’t going to worry about it.  If the 2 of them can coordinate finding a keyboard or piano and bring said keyboard or piano with them, then I’m all for it.  As a back up I will make sure that my DJ has the karaoke version of our first dance song.  There are so many things I can worry about regarding the wedding, and a friend of mine that wants to do something nice for me is not something I need to stress about.

Anyone else dealing with an uninvited wedding party member?


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Best post ever 🙂 All will be fine – especially if Piano player is already practicing – Singer wouldn’t let Piano player perform if it won’t work out. My favorite part of the post though was “He’s a little unpredictable. And that is really just a euphemism for “gets hammered.”

Comment by Laura McFarlane


Comment by Ashley

What’s even funnier is that although I used no names, Sean looked at the title of the post and was like, oh you’re not inviting matt to the wedding? His reputation definitely preceeds him. 🙂

Comment by kelso115

By the way – the article you provided in relation to Matt was just brilliant…

Comment by Laura McFarlane

Haha, yes, Laura. I’m a little afraid the people on weddingbee think that’s actually my friend. Oh well.

Comment by kelso115

I say let them do it! It’ll just make everything more fun and, then, don’t forget, you’ll have Barrett the night before at the rehearsal dinner giving his “toast”! You just attract creative people.

Comment by Jackie Sears

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