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Trusting Your Wedding Party
December 9, 2009, 10:48 pm
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It seems that many brides, including me, are jumping on the band wagon of letting the bridesmaids choose their dresses within certain guidelines.  But what about the guys?  Can you trust them? 


See, we aren’t designating which suit the guys have to wear, we’re just telling them that they need to wear a grey suit.  However, as I think about it, I’m staring to become a little terrified, OK, a lot terrified.  There is some hope though.  Brother Fro Yo has more designer gear and style than I do, so I’m not worried about him.  I told him that I wanted the guys to wear grey and he asked me what shade of grey.  Um…he’ll be fine.  However, what about the rest of them?  They’re Mr. Fro Yo’s friends, so I’m really relying on him to spread the news and determine the appropriateness of each friends’ suit.

However, as the months tick by, and the guys don’t have their suits, I’m really starting to freak out.  I am constantly forwarding sales and suggestions to Mr. Fro Yo in the hopes that he will send them on to the guys.  But maybe he needs more encouragement.  I’m sort of at a loss for what to do though. 

Is anyone else letting the guys choose their outfits?  What have you found works best for getting them in the store and pulling out their credit cards to purchase something? And how do you know that the suit they choose will be appropriate?


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Your blog is getting better all the time. These pictures and stories are great!

Comment by Jackie Sears

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