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Need a Little Help from the Hive
December 10, 2009, 10:26 pm
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Have you ever found a photo of an item that is absolutely perfect for your wedding, but then you’re unable to find said item from the photo?  Well, that happens to me all the time.  For one, there is an unbelievable amount of talent around weddingbee and the many blogs I read, and a lot of these talented women make the items they photograph.  That’s just not an option for this non-crafty bride.  Secondly, I always seem to be a tad bit too late to bid on an item and then they’re gone.  An example?  This:


Need a closer look?


I searched EVERYWHERE for vintage table numbers, and then I found these.  I was so excited!!  Upon further inspection, I found out that they were for sale on the weddingbee classifieds.  Even better!!  Um…yeah, they were for sale 5 months ago and are obviously not still around.   GRRR….but now I have this perfect image in my head of the exact item I want and I can’t find it anywhere. 

So I’ve come to you all my friends, where oh where might I find vintage metal numbers that can stand up on their own?  Also, is it totally sad that I spend my time googling “vintage metal numbers”?  I kind of think it is. 


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