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Product Review: Go Smile
December 15, 2009, 1:14 pm
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We all want white teeth for our weddings, right?  Well, since I’m signed up for god knows how many different discount websites (Gilt Groupe, HauteLook, Ideeli, etc), I constantly get  emails about discounted products, clothing and jewelry.  Most of them are great, but sometimes they are still out of my price range. 

However, recently HauteLook had a sale on the Go Smile teeth whitening kit (I think they’re doing it again this week).  I got 2 of them (one for me, one for Mr. Fro Yo) for super cheap!  Now, I’d never used this before, but I’d seen it at Sephora, and I usually love their products.

The box arrived and it looked like this:


Then I opened it up and saw all of these:


The kit directions said that you need to use each one of the little ampoules morning and night for 2 minutes over the course of 7 days.  Not too bad at all.  Surprisingly, the liquid did not taste too much like peroxide.  Which is a good thing because you can’t rinse out your mouth after use.  And, using it for just 2 minutes a day was really easy.  It was even kind of fun because you get to squeeze them to activate the liquid and they make a big pop sound.  I also did not notice any teeth sensitivity while using. 

So the results?  I’ll break it out into good and bad.

The Good

No teeth sensitivity

Doesn’t taste that bad

2 minutes twice a day is really easy

Fun to pop open

The Bad

I felt like my teeth had a film on them right after, and brushing or rinsing after use is not allowed.  So I had to go to bed and to work with some liquid film on my teeth (looked kind of foamy, like a rabid dog for the first couple minutes, sexy!).

The results weren’t really dramatic.  I did notice that my teeth were slightly whiter, but not significantly so. 

So would I recommend?  I don’t think so.  I got this massively discounted, but if I paid full price, I would have been really disappointed. 


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