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Bedroom Eyes
January 3, 2010, 6:32 pm
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So remember when I talked about wanting to get eyelash extensions? Well, I did it! I pretty much find any excuse to wear fake eyelashes. It’s new year’s eve? I think I need some lashes. What’s that you say, it’s Halloween and I’m dressing up as Sookie Stackhouse who isn’t really known for her long eyelashes. Hmm…oh well, I think I might need some lashes anyway. So my wedding day will be no different. Only this time instead of stumbling through the application of the lashes, I will have them in place well in advance. 

Here’s a break down of my experience (feel free to scroll down to the picture, I know you want to):

The place I went was pretty pricey (typically$299 for a new set), BUT they were having a special of $99 for a new set, so I jumped on it.  The whole thing was very relaxing, and the girl applying my eyelashes said that a lot of women fall asleep during the process.  I didn’t fall asleep, but I could see how someone might.  Here’s the bad part though-it took 2 HOURS.  That’s a really long time to lie down while someone is messing with your eyes.  Although, I don’t know if all places take 2 hours, but mine did.  The good news is that when you go for fills it only takes an hour and the price is significantly reduced to $60.   And even better news?  I LOVE them.  I know some girls say they itch or they’re bothersome, and although I feel somewhat like Mr. Snuffleupagus, the main thing that’s distracting is that I feel totally vain because I can’t stop looking in the mirror at them. 

So you ready to see them?

(I’m not wearing any eye make up at all)

So are you going to go for eyelash extensions?


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They’re beautiful!

Comment by Jackie Sears

They look awesome!!! I’m jealous!

Comment by Erika

I also think they look a lot more natural than some I’ve seen on other people…they did a really good job!

Comment by Erika

I want some! you look hot.

Comment by Brandi

Love love these!!! You look awesome!!

Comment by Amy

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