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A Little Girl Talk
January 5, 2010, 9:12 pm
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Can we talk about my boobs for a minute?  We’ve heard stories from some of my fellow bees regarding their hope for a more ample bosom that will be achieved through the perfect bra or “cutlet.”  Yeah, um…I’m working on the minimizing effect.  Is there a bra for that?  One that won’t make me look like I have uni-boob, long boob, chin boob (where you’re pushed up so high you feel like your boobs stop at your chin) or smushed boob.  If there is, I haven’t found it yet. 

See, this boob thing has been a real problem for me my entire life, and of course wedding time is no different.  I’m petite.  5’3″ though I lie and say 5″4″ (everyone does that, right?)  I’m not a big girl, but the boobs always make me look bigger, and they make shopping for clothes impossible.  Shopping for my wedding dress was great fun, but also stressful.  I was worried that the sample dresses wouldn’t fit, and worried that I would look “too sexy” in dresses.  Actually, I worry about that often and find myself throwing on a cardigan or something else to cover up though I’m not really showing that much skin.   I feel like having a large chest can make you feel over-sexualized in whatever you wear when really you just want to wear a cute top, but somehow you end up looking like a girl heading out to the club and it’s only noon.  And don’t even get me started on bathing suits.

So how do I handle all this?  The truth is, sometimes I cry, sometimes I look into a breast reduction and sometimes I just say F it, this is me.   However, weddings can be very stressful for girls with  large chests.  Wedding dresses can be totally unforgiving and so can bridesmaid dresses.  And how about all those cocktail and shower dresses?  Yep, they can be stressful too.  Luckily I found a wedding dress that makes me feel beautiful and not exposed, or “too-boob” as I like to say.   I’ve learned what styles and designers fit me best and I try to stick to those.  But it is a constant struggle.

How do the rest of my ample-bosomed girls deal with being “blessed”?


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