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A Little Girl Talk, Part 2
January 14, 2010, 9:47 pm
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So remember when I was whining about my boobs and how I felt self-conscious all the time?  Yeah, well I can’t say that’s totally changed, but there has been a major improvement.  I finally decided that at the young age of 28 I should get professional fitted for a bra for the first time in my life.  Before I went I was terrified to go, hence the reason that it took me 28 years to do it (OK, so I didn’t need a bra when I was 5, but you get the idea).  I had this vision in my head of me standing there topless with a random lady and a tape measurer.  Yeah, well that didn’t happen. 

I went to the Nordstrom lingerie department and did several walk throughs trying to build up the courage to ask someone to measure me.  As I cruised up and down the aisles and aisles of bras, a sweet girl asked me if I needed help.  Although instinctually I wanted to say no, I decided to actually say yes.  She took me back to the dressing room and proceeded to measure my band size with my clothes on.  Phew!  Huge sigh of relief.  She asked me what size band I’d been wearing and I said “36.”  She told me that I was a very small 34. Opps.  Strike one.  Then she told me that to measure the cup size, they would ask me to try on several bras and then check the fit.  Great, I didn’t have to stand there topless with some measuring tape!!  So she went and pulled a few bras based on my guesstimate of my size and we got to work. 

I put on the first one that I thought was my size, and then Anna (my new BFF from Nordstrom) came in to the check the fit.   Yeah, it didn’t fit.  Way too small.  So, we went up one cup size.  Anna came in again, um…yeah, still too small, so we went up yet another cup size.   At this point I didn’t even want to know what letter was on that little flap anymore.  I just wanted a good fit.  Well, lucky for me that third one fit perfectly!  Not only did it fit perfectly, but I also looked so much smaller because I wasn’t shoving myself into an ill-fitting bra.  I felt great.  And it was the first time I could actually say that I felt happy about how I looked in a bra.  I proceeded to try on about 30 other bras and left the store with 5 in hand.  I immediately went home and got rid of all my old, wrong sized bras.  The pile looked something like this:


So what would I change about this awesome shopping experience?  My outfit.  I was wearing tights and a dress when I went shopping.  Which meant that each time Anna came in to check the fit, I was standing there in just my tights.  Not a very good look.

But, I definitely recommend this to everyone.  If you have not already been professionally fitted, it is time to go.  I even managed to find the undergarments for my wedding dress.  I am so relieved!! 

Anyone else been professionally fitted?  What was your experience like?


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