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Goin’ Through the Big D and I Don’t Mean Dallas
January 20, 2010, 9:32 pm
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This is a hard post for me to write, and I hope that no one close to me finds it offensive.  I’ve thought about it for a long time before I started to blog about it, but I think it’s time.  See, someone very close to me, let’s call her Ms. X,  is going through a divorce right now.  Divorce is never easy, and I imagine that it’s especially difficult when you have to be all sunshine and rainbows for someone else who is about to get married.  I can’t help but feel guilty, though I know Ms. X doesn’t want me to feel that way at all. 

It’s really hard though.  I’m exploding with happiness and excited about my future and starting a life and family with Mr. Fro Yo.  However, I find myself not wanting to talk to Ms. X about wedding stuff because I feel like it’s so insensitive to talk about my dress fittings, invitations and everything else wedding related when she is going through such a hard time in her life.  And I know she’s comfortable with the divorce decision, but that doesn’t mean that being around the start of a new marriage is something you want to jump into, especially if you have to be a bridesmaid.

Anyway, I’m trying to strike a balance here and be a good friend to her, but also not feel guilty about being happy about this time in my life.  Although I’m not entirely sure that I’m not f’ing it up, I am doing my best. 

So anyone else trying to help a friend through divorce and also planning your wedding?


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I in NO WAY feel that your wedding and the happiness you feel about it is insensitive to what I’m going through…as a matter of fact, if I’d felt about Mr. X the way you feel about your fiance I wouldn’t be in this mess! 🙂 You guys are a great inspiration for me that there is hope and I will get it right next time! I’m thrilled to be a part of it all and want to hear every detail…DO NOT LEAVE ME OUT OR I WILL BE MAD AT YOU! So there…

Comment by Ms. X

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