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Cake Drama
January 24, 2010, 9:31 pm
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Ugh.  I have gone back and forth over this for so long and cannot make a decision.  So I need your advice.  See, I have this vision in my head of a beautiful cake on top of a pedestal cake stand.  Only, I picked a cake that looks like this:


See that square bottom?  Apparently they do not make many pedestal cake stands in a square shape in the size that I need.  I talked to my cake lady about this, and she offered me two solutions:

  1. Switch to all round layers and have my beloved pedestal cake stand, but this would mean 10-12 fewer slices of cake. 
  2. Use a traditional square silver cake stand that is elegant, but not really vintage, which is the look I’m going for. 

I’ve gone over my guest list and am trying to determine just how many people will come so that I can see if it will matter much if I lose the 10-12 additional pieces.  But there are so many unknowns!  This person might come and this other person might not, but I really won’t know until my RSVPs are due (and those of you that are married are laughing at me thinking “Yeah right people will respond to you by the RSVP date.”  I know, I know, but a girl can dream).  So, see this is a huge dilemma and one that I still don’t have a solution for. 

And there is another problem too. Miss French Fries posted a picture of the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen in my life and now it’s all that I can think about.


So moving to the round layers is fine with me.  I’m just worried about losing pieces of cake. 

And then there’s this.  I just keep dreaming about these beauties:


So, what should I do?

Option A: Use the pedestal cake stand and hope that the lost pieces of cake won’t matter.  I mean, hey, we’ll have a groom’s cake too.

Option B: Suck it up and use a silver cake stand.  And get a pedestal cake stand for my home so I stop crying about it.


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You shouldnt worry about losing those pieces. Not everyone will eat cake. there’s ALWAYS lots leftover!

Comment by Pearl

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