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Ribbon Wands
January 31, 2010, 6:31 pm
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It was a mad crafting weekend at the Fro Yo house.  I gathered dowels, ribbons, scissors and glue guns and I was off and running.  Mr. Fro Yo even got in on the fun and helped me cut some ribbon, though he refused to attach them to the dowels. 

I’m a little worried that my ribbon wands look like a kindergartener’s craft project, but to be honest I don’t even care that much.  I’m proud of how they turned out and I think they’ll look super cute as our guests are waving them for the send off.  And best of all, this project cost me a whopping $5.   Ok, so I’ve only made about 1/3 of what I need to make, so the price will increase to about $15 for the entire project, but that’s not bad at all, and much less than I would have spent had I outsourced this little project of mine.

So you ready to see them? 

Ok, be honest, are they like a child’s craft project?  Would you wave them for the send off? 

For those of you interested in how I did this, it was super simple.  I cut ribbon to the length I thought they should be.  No measuring, I just eyeballed it (like Rachel Ray would say). 

Then, I tied the ribbon around the end of the dowel , but before tying it all the way on, I squeezed a little glue right underneath where they would lay. 

I tried it without the glue first, and the ribbon slipped right off.  I envisioned our guests waving the wands madly as we ran through, and ribbons falling off the ends of it, which would not make for very good pictures.

Then, I did a double knot and placed them in their container to dry.  That’s it!

Are you making ribbon wands?  What’s your advice for the next set I make?


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They turned out so cute! I can’t wait to wave you off using them. And maybe hit some of our friends with the wooden dowels in the process…

Comment by Ashley

I love these! They are going to look so great in the pics.

Comment by Brandi

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