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Money, Money, Money
February 1, 2010, 9:08 pm
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Now sing that title along to the tune of the Apprentice, because that’s what I did when I wrote it.  OK, time to get to the point of this post- combining finances.  Mr. Fro Yo and I talked about this several times, but it always seemed so far off that we didn’t think we really needed to make a decision.  Then, things got closer and closer and now we are less than 80 days until the big day.  It is time to get serious. 

So on one of our daily walks with the dogs when we like to reconnect and talk about our day, I brought up the issue of combining finances.  I said issue, but it’s not really, it’s more of an ordeal.  Not to say that I’m old by any means, but I’ve been building a little nest egg of my own for a while now; I have checking, savings, timed accounts, retirement accounts, 401K, direct deposits, etc and Mr. Fro Yo has the same.  The thought of combining finances was really overwhelming, but at the same time, we write each other checks every month to even out our expenses and that’s really silly. 

After much consideration, we decided that we would each keep our own accounts, but then open a new, joint one.  Each month we would transfer in a percentage of our paychecks to the joint account and keep a percentage for ourselves for “fun” money in our own accounts.  This “fun” money wouldn’t need to be discussed before we spent it because it would be ours to do what we want with it.  I think for us, this is a great solution because I like to be an independent lady and if I had to call to ask if I could use the joint account to go to lunch or dinner with my friends, I might go crazy.  Who knows though, we haven’t done this yet, we might find a solution that works better for us once we’ve actually tried it.

For the married ladies, what advice do you have about combining finances?  If you’re not married, have you and your fiance discussed combining finances?  What did you decide?


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