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Table Numbers
February 3, 2010, 10:38 pm
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So once I made the decision to assign tables, it meant that I needed to figure out what I was doing for table numbers.  I say that like it was a chore, but I was SO excited.  I’d seen so many cute ideas for table numbers and part of me was sad that I had no reason to come up with my very own idea. But thankfully all that changed.

I went back and forth about what I wanted to do for so long.  I knew that I wanted something rustic, but also vintage and I hadn’t seen anything that really encompassed both of those things.  However, as I kept looking I found a lot of inspiration from the hive.   Let me show you what I came up with and then tell you how I was inspired:

So first, I was inspired by Miss Trail Mix’s birch logs and even contacted her etsy seller.  We don’t have birch trees anywhere near me, so I couldn’t tackle this on my own. 

Then, I posted about how I wanted little metal numbers and said I couldn’t find them anywhere.  And then Weddingbee reader KMSull pm’d me and told me she had exactly what I was looking for.  Best of all, she let me borrow them and then I’ll just send them back to her after the wedding so she can use them.  SO sweet!

And the final piece is the random white animal.  I’ve been collecting these from Goodwill and have 7 of them so far.  I knew I wanted something vintage to add to the table numbers and they were the perfect touch! 

However, I do have a question for everyone.  So you see I posted a picture of both a letter and a number.  I can’t decide which I should use.  I could use the letters to spell something, or I could just go the traditional route and use the numbers.  So what do you think??


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