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Getting Hot for the Wedding
February 7, 2010, 8:34 pm
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So this past weekend I went to Dallas for a hair and make up trial.  From the very beginning I knew that it was important for me was to find someone that could come to us on the day of the wedding.  I know that I will be stressed out and the thought of running from hair to make up and timing everything appropriately for my 6 bridesmaids and me was making my head spin.  If I was stressing about this with more than 2 months to go, I knew the day of the wedding I would be in high panic mode and that makes me break out in hives, not a good look for the wedding day. 

I hopped on the google machine and found a few promising ladies and gents that just might fit the bill.  I ended up contacting Erin because she had the best prices and best reviews, so it was an easy pick.  Erin came over to my sister’s house at 9 am on Saturday and we got to work.  We looked at some inspiration photos to give her an idea about what I wanted and then we started with the make up.

I am not a girl that wears lots of makeup, though the eyelash extensions may have fooled you.  I typically throw on some mascara, bronzer and chapstick and I’m out the door.  My makeup regimen takes 10 minutes tops and that’s when I actually put on eyeshadow, my normal routine is about 5 minutes.  So a makeup trial although fun, can also be a little scary for me.  When I first looked in the mirror after she was done it was way too much make up for my taste (I don’t have a picture of this, sorry!).  There was a lot of eyeliner, foundation and shimmer.  But, I was honest and told her that it was way too much for me.  I felt like I was going to hit up a club, not walk down the aisle.  Thankfully Erin really listened and began taking off some of the makeup.  The next time I looked in the mirror I was much happier.  I still thought the foundation was a little heavy and the eyes a little too shimmery, but I understand that for pictures, heavier foundation is a good thing.   And I know you’re screaming at me to just show the damn picture, so here I go:

The plan for the wedding is less shimmer on the eyes and a little less foundation because I just can’t do it, even if it’s best for pictures. 

I also wore this around all day (though not the veil) to see how it would look after a few hours.  Thankfully it held up pretty well, though not the lipstick.  That was off in about 20 minutes, but I’m bad with lipstick.  I forget I’m wearing it.  Opps.   Here’s me after about several hours:

Up next, we’ll chat about my hair.  What do you think about the makeup?


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you look fantastic – so pretty! I can’t wait for the day to come.


Comment by Laura McFarlane

Love it!!! She did a great job and you look beautiful, though I do think that you should have worn the veil all day 🙂

Comment by Amy

I agree….a little less shimmer on the eyes. Holy eyelashes…..those are amazingly beautiful. You are beautiful!

Comment by Brandi

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