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Fro Yo Gets Her Bling On
February 10, 2010, 8:48 pm
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OK, so you may know that I love amazon.  If you don’t, now you know.  I’m registered there, I bought my wedding ring there and I even bought the groomsmen’s ties there.  So, it was inevitable that I would likely find my wedding jewelry from there too.  Yet another thing I love about amazon is that they constantly have sales.  Recently, the sale was on all things jewelry in prepartion for Valentine’s day. 

After browsing about 1,000 (no joke, seriously that many, apparently I’m picky) I found 2 pairs of earrings that I absolutely loved.  I put them both in my cart and figured I’d choose the right one by staring at them for a really long time.  Well, I stared at them for a long time and the internal dialogue went something like this:

“Wow, those dangly ones are gorgeous, I think they’ll go perfectly with my dress”  “Oh, but wait, those other guys have diamonds around the diamond and that’s sort of  like my engagement ring,  maybe I should get those instead.”  “But those dangly ones are so classic, I could see myself wearing those a lot more often after the wedding and feeling special every time I put them on.”  “Oh man, but those other guys are so pretty and diamond-y.”  “OK, what if I got both.”

And then it was decided, I would get both.  What wasn’t decided was what I would do when they arrived on my doorstep and I had to actually choose which ones I would wear.  So now a new dilemma has begun,  I can’t decide which ones to wear.  Ahh.  So a little help, please? 

 Here’s the first one:

(Please forgive my messy hair)

And the second:

Which ones do you like more?


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I think I need to see them with your dress. Good thing you bought both, it can be a gametime decision 🙂

Comment by Kim

No contest…..it’s number 1.

Comment by Linda

I love the dangly earrings, so classic and beautiful. So I vote for number 2! Good luck on the decision.

Comment by Laura McFarlane

I am completely in love with #1. They are simply elegant.

Comment by Brandi

Bring them both next weekend. You can do a mini fashion show for us with both. And yes, that is just an excuse to see your fabulous dress 🙂

Comment by Amy

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