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Something Old, Something Veil
February 11, 2010, 9:41 pm
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So my mom got married in the late 60’s and she still has her veil and some extra lace.  I was recently in Dallas and she suggested that I use it for something on my wedding day.  As you all know, I’m not the craftiest of girls, so I need some ideas!  But first, let me show you a picture of me in the veil:

That’s right, it has a little hat attached, and I do mean little.  I tried it on my nieces’ heads and it didn’t fit them.  They are 3 and 6; my mom must have a tiny head.  Either that or the style was to wear it up high on the crown of your head. I was joking that it looked more like a christening cap than a wedding cap (what’s a wedding cap??) but my mom said it was the style back then.  I’ll just have to trust her. 🙂  I know you want to see the wedding cap up close so I’ll oblige:

Anyhoo, there are some tears in the veil and the hat isn’t really my style, but I definitely want to find a way to incorporate this into my wedding day.  Here’s another picture of the lace up close:

Some of the ideas I’ve had are to cut the lace and take some of the pearls and turn it into a hair flower, but maybe add some organza or some other fabric with it.  Then, I also thought about taking some of the lace and pearls and making it into a garter.  I’m not planning on doing a garter toss, so I wouldn’t have to throw it to any of my guests, but I still want to take part in the tradition of wearing a gater.  However, I don’t know who this magic elf is that is going to make this lace into these things, but I’m sure I can find someone, right? 

Anyway, I don’t have my something old yet and I think that wearing something my mom wore on her wedding day would be so great!  So, whatdo you think I should use the veil/lace for?


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I found a picture of myself in the veil and the hat was propped (pinned) on top of my head, so mystery solved. I honestly couldn’t remember how it was attached! At any rate, I really hope that you can find a pretty way to use it. That would be special for me.

Comment by Jackie Sears

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