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Potluck Studios, Why Do you Hate Me?
February 15, 2010, 6:23 pm
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Can we talk about how Potluck Studios hates me?  I have been lusting over this Flirt Ruffle cake stand for some time now, and since I recently switched my cake from square to round I can actually get one!!  You ready to see the object of my desire?


It’s the right size, yes!  It’s the perfect look, yes!  It’s available in stores, no. 😦  I cannot find this stand ANYWHERE.  I’ve googled every possible way I can think of to find this guy and I can’t.  I found several online stores, but each is either sold out or does not let me buy this beloved cake stand.  One is in Canada and I can’t seem to get to the checkout stage of the website.  I’ve contact customer service, written emails and never heard a word back.  Then, I found a random little store in Maine that will order it for you.  Yay!  Oh wait, they’re closed until April 15th.  My wedding is in April, so that just won’t work.  Then, I found another random little store in California and couldn’t get the cake stand to show up in my shopping cart.  I called the store to see if I could place the order over the phone and nope, I can’t, and they can’t tell me how to fix the online issue.  I’m willing to spend the cash, why is no one willing to sell it to me??  Grr!!! 

You’re probably yelling at me asking why I’m not just calling up Potluck Studios to order from them, and well that’s because they only sell to retailers, not individuals like me.  The problem is that I’m the type of girl that just cannot let things go.  Once I have my mind made up about something I want, I get tenacious about it and will not stop until I get it. Although with this lovely item I’m really starting to lose hope and I’m also starting to lose time.  My wedding is 2 months away and I don’t have a cake stand yet.  Sadly there is no happy ending with this one yet, I just wanted to share my frustration with you all. 

Anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone else dealt with with wedding frustration like this?  What was your experience like?


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