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Getting the Dudes All Fancy
February 16, 2010, 7:28 pm
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I’m still questioning whether or not the groomsmen have their suits for the wedding (they don’t, I actually know this, I’m living in denial), but at least I know Mr. Fro Yo has his already.  We found an amazing deal at a store I don’t normally shop at but decided to give a chance.  See, I was on my way to happy hour and had a few minutes to kill before my friend met me, and right nearby was a Stein Mart.  I decided to check out what they had and it was like the grey suit mecca.  I couldn’t believe it.  They had several options and I was tempted to buy one without Mr. Fro Yo even present because I was afraid someone else would stumble on this hidden gem.  However, when I called him to beg him to let me buy him a suit right then, he reminded me that the weekend was just 2 days away and there was likely not going to be a mad rush on the Stein Mart, and that we could just go over the weekend.   He was so right, but that bride brain can get you! 

So, with Mr. Fro Yo in tow, we browsed some suits.  He tried on a few and ended up finding one that requires zero alterations that he really loved.  Sweet!!  And…it was only $150 for the entire thing.  I was shocked and overjoyed!!  A wedding bargain!  Here’s what he ended up getting:

And a close up of the fabric:

And then, I found the most amazing tie on Amazon for $15. 


I’m so excited it’s all coming together!!  Did youget a great deal on any of your wedding duds?


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