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My New Found Love
February 17, 2010, 9:46 pm
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OK, so I’m not cheating on Mr. Fro Yo or anything, but I do have a new love.   See,  I recently had a birthday (holy crap I’m 29) and my sweet mom got me the best present ever.  I knew that I wanted this present but I had no idea that I was going to look forward to using it everyday, nor did I think it would lead to dramatic changes for me, but it has done all that and more and I’ve only had it for a week and a half!  So what is this magic present?  My new Clarisonic Mia!

OK, I have a huge confession.  See, I wanted the Mia for some time now, and we had a Clarisonic toothbrush sitting there with an unused head and I wondered why I wouldn’t just use that on my face instead of spending $150 on a new product.  Well, about 1 second in I was in pain and realized then why I couldn’t just use the Clarisonic toothbrush as my Mia.  What?  Don’t pretend like you all wouldn’t try it too! 🙂

However, since I got the real deal I’ve used it twice a day with the Clarisonic facial soap that came with it and my skin feels so soft, I have no more dry patches even though we are in the middle of winter, and I have not had one single break out.  Oh, and I’m not shy about using this one the rest of my body either.  My arms can be bumpy and dry, but they appreciate a good scrub from my Mia too and they are transforming as well.  I am excited to keep using this and see how my skin will continue to improve. 

Anyone else loving the Clarisonic products?


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Me of course. It really does make a huge difference in your skin.

Comment by Jackie Sears

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